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Progress in Importation Permits

NOW frozen semen is sent to CANADA by FedEx with NO PERMIT PROBLEMS. Germany is a wonderfully easy country to send frozen semen...a tank leaves our facility on Monday and arrives in Germany on Wednesday. Norway, Sweden, and Holland are still a little tricky and England is "do-able" but not without some hair-raising discussions with officials. Australia sends a different import permit every time. The latest permit on my desk, requires the dog owner abstain from breeding their stud between collections and requires the semen shipped in a new tank or suitably disinfected tank. Other Australian permits recently sent to us have no mention of these requirements.

Our own government has blessed us by providing vets graduating from the University of California at Davis with federal accreditation status without taking a test. However, if your vet graduated in another state and moved to California to practice, he/she MAY NOT be listed on the federally accredited list.

Years ago, whole days were devoted to taking tanks to airports to properly document and seal the tanks and get them onto the proper overseas fights. Because frozen semen was sent in liquid nitrogen tanks, the shipping tanks were considered hazardous goods and additional hazardous goods documents were required. Some shipping companies have been miserably ill prepared to handle frozen semen shipments. In our experience, the shipping has never resulted in a loss, but Customs in Australia once lost sperm: they didn't empty all the frozen semen out of the shipping tank and didn't notice their mistake until the dog owners wanted to use their sperm. Another Australian disaster: the vet didn't charge his storage tank, resulting in lost sperm. In England, the University veterinarian who was to do the insemination was at a conference when the bitch was ready and his technician did the inseminations. No pups resulted. When the bitch cycled into her next season the bitch owner notified the University but the remaining semen could not be found.

Success Requires
Strict Attention to Detail

Dealing with the regulations of international shipping and customs, duties and agriculture departments can be very unnerving. However, when the pups whelp, all the problems are forgotten. After all, international breedings are celebratory in that these breeding combinations may become the savior of genetic diversity for several breeds. Rare breeds will now have access to individuals all over the world!

Important Tips in Dealing
with Foreign Semen Importers

When contacted by foreign breeders to provide frozen semen, remember to ask for import permit details before agreeing on stud fees, etc. You may be very inconvenienced getting appointments for collections, various vet certificates and laboratory tests, so I always suggest adding on a nonrefundable fee to compensate you for your time. If you are concerned about which bitch will be inseminated, make certain of your understanding of the country's Kennel Club rules. I used to urge clients to send a whole collection to Australia, because if the bitch missed (which is very possible!), she could be rebred the next time. If she conceived the first time and then conceived a second time or if by agreement with the American owner, the remaining semen was used and produced a litter with another bitch, the American stud owner would be entitled to stud fees for each litter. This arrangement seemed very fair and showed good faith on the side of our American breeders. Indeed, some American owners were happy with the "annuity" arrangement. However, the Australian Kennel Club changed their rules and now allows the importing party to own the sperm and sell it to anyone without notifying the American stud owner. Litters resulting from those frozen semen breedings are registerable. SO BEWARE!

One Great Dane breeder was thrilled to be asked for frozen semen by an Australian veterinarian, but was concerned because the vet didn't know into which bitch it would be inseminated. In fact, he didn't admit owning any Great Danes. For some breeders this arrangement may be suitable but please, be an informed, aware, stud owner when evaluating foreign semen importers.

November 5, 2006, a frozen semen litter from RR,
Ch Kwetu's Kalahari Karavan ROM was born.
Stored 19+ years!
Semen was surgically implanted by
Greene, Lewis and Associates of Covington, LA.
Total of 10, one stillborn, 9 live pups:
5 males, 4 females.
Thanks for all your help!
Sandra Fikes, Kalahari RRs

Carol's Note: This semen storage was on the verge of being discarded by the owner a couple of years ago. Fortunately, it was saved and put to good use, still in the same excellent condition as when it was collected!

International Fresh, Cooled,
and Frozen Semen Litters Worldwide!

Canine Cryobank frozen semen has produced many "firsts" including the first frozen semen litter in Canada (Borzois), and South Africa (Rhodesian Ridgebacks). Shipping frozen semen internationally is always a challenge due to the constantly changing rules and regulations of the countries involved. Years ago, Canada's import permit insisted that a FEDERAL ACCREDITED veterinarian (not your local state licensed vet) inspect the kennels of the donor dog! Australia's import permit once insisted on cultures for B. Canis, which were only done at a handful of laboratories in this country. In many cases, the veterinarians never read the multiple page import permits carefully enough to avoid weeks of delay, and in some cases, nullification of the frozen semen collections.

Freezing viable sperm from your dog today may just become be the single most important investment you make for the future of your chosen breed.


Collection of the semen is done by appointment. A copy of AKC registration and an AKC DNA certificate number is needed (DNA sampling may be done here). Most dogs provide the best collections when teased by an estrous bitch. To assure quality collections, breeders usually schedule collections to coincide with a bitch's heat cycle or one that is arranged by the Canine Cryobank.

Immediately after collection the semen is analyzed under the microscope. At this time, it can be determined if the collection is worthy of preserving based on the sperm count, volume, and motility.

A cryoprotectant, often called an extender, is then added to protect the cells from ice crystal formation when frozen. The semen/cryoprotectant mixture is cooled 2 to 3 hours, and mixed gently and continuously. At intervals, more extender is added. The extended semen is then dispensed into 1/2 CC straws, labeled indelibly with the dog's identification code and frozen in liquid nitrogen.

The straws are placed into labeled plastic goblets. The breeding units are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks at minus 196 degrees Centigrade. At this low temperature all molecular activity is halted and the cells (in a state of suspended animation) can be preserved for many years without loss of fertility.

Liquid storage tanks do not depend on electricity to maintain the required temperature. There is an annual storage fee charged to maintain the breeding units.

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These two borzois are from frozen semen over ten years stored. They are two of six frozen pups produced by Kumasan's Hunyak of Tradition, owned by world renown animal communicator, Lydia Hiby (lydiahiby.com) of California

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Pearson - Nespor Animal Hospital
San Marcos, California

This extraordinary team of doctors has produced frozen semen litters of Bullterriers, Vizslas, Mastiffs, Great Danes, French Bulldogs, Tibetan Terriers, Labradors, and Akitas. At one time they were 8 for 8! We appreciate our successful collaboration.

Their clinic is only one mile away from our lab so we do progesterone testing, transport and also thaw frozen semen for their clinic. We receive many glowing reports from our clients about the doctors and staff at this clinic.

1903 W. San Marcos. Suite 140
Phone: 760.598.2512 Fax: 760.598.0146