Contact stud dog owner/breeding unit owner to arrange stud fee.
Canine Cryobank, Inc. is not responsible for these arrangements.

Stud dog/breeding unit owner authorizes, in writing,
the shipping of specific breeding units to be used on your bitch.
You will need to provide the stud dog/breeding unit owners:

(a) the address, telephone & fax number of the inseminating vet to whom the semen is being shipped
(b) your address and telephone number.

Generally, the bitch owner pays the administration fee, refundable storage tank fee, and shipping charges.
We ship Federal Express. To facilitate shipping, we ask whoever is paying for the shipping
to call 1-800 GoFedex and obtain an account #. Visa or MasterCard may be used for other fees.
Weekend shipping may require owners to make their own shipping arrangements.

Overseas shipping arrangements and charges vary. Canine Cryobank, Inc., has shipped overseas.
The stud dog owner and the bitch owner should provide us with all documentation necessary
to satisfy the entry country's custom requirements.

Please call us in advance of the actual shipping date.
The best time to call and schedule an appointment is when the bitch
first shows signs of coming into season.

Contact AKC for a frozen semen litter registration form, available on the AKC website at

Call Canine Cryobank at 760.591.9909 if you have any questions.