The following facilities have proven their skills by producing litters for our clients.
Clients, please feel free to share your successes, just email or call us.

Dr. Mark May, Alaska

Had Frozen Semen Sled Dog Pups Years Ago For Musher Charles Champaine

Dr. Dorota Pearson | Dr. Tomas Nespor
Pearson-Nespor Animal Hospital
San Marcos, California 92078
Read about this successful clinic on Frozen Semen link
11 Frozen Semen Great Danes 2004 | Australian Terriers
Great Danes | Rottweilers | Boxers | Icelandic Sheepdogs
(2 bitches pregnant with semen from Germany)

Sheri L. Beattie DVM, Brighton Animal Clinic
Brighton, Colorado

8 Frozen Semen Great Dane Pups 1999
8 Cooled Semen Flat-Coated Retrievers 2000

Dr. Milan Hess
223 W. County Line, Littleton, Colorado 80129
Frozen Great Dane litters/ Cooled Semen Mastiff litters- nonsurgical!

Dr. Anne Huntington, Suffield, Connecticut

Gordon Setters Cooled Semen Litter.

Dr. Cindy Bosart
Animal Hospital of Ft Lauderdale
1630 E Oakland Park Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33334
7 Frozen Semen Rhodesian Ridgeback pups 2003
(Note this litter produced from semen collected in 1991 from Ch. Gitano of Raintree!)

Dr. Mary McDaniel / Dr Beverly Brimacomb
Lakeland, Florida

Anatolian Shepherds Mastiff (Cooled Semen Pups).

Dr. Beede, Intermountain Pet Hospital
800 W. Overland Dr. #1, Meridian, Idaho 83642
15 Frozen Semen Great Dane pups.

Dr. Elizabeth Murphy, Broad Ripple Animal Clinic
6225 N. Broadway St.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46220

Frozen Semen Great Dane pups.

Dr. Mary Ann Sheller, Vale Park Animal Hospital
Valparaiso, Indiana 46383
9 cooled semen Afghans

Dr. Ross Burd, Overland Park, Kansas

Cooled Semen Great Dane collection.

Greene, Lewis and Associates
17727 Hwy. 40, Covington, Louisiana
Frozen semen litter from storage dating 19+years.
10 Rhodesian Ridgeback pups:
5 males, 4 females, 1 stillborn

Norman Roskin DVM, Sandy Springs, Maryland

7 Frozen Semen Viszla.

Dr Mary Phelps
7131 Cahill Dr., Invergrove, Minnesota 55076
Surgical insemination, 5 Irish setters pups, 10/04

Dr. Donald Rice Stillwater, Minnesota

Cooled Semen German Shepherd pups.

Dr. Fran Smith, Crossroads Animal Hospital
Burnsville, Minnesota

Cooled Semen Afghan litter.

Ken Thornberry DVM, Chesterfield, Missouri

9 Frozen Semen Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers.
7 More Frozen Semen Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers.

Dr. Craig Little
411 RT. 22 East Whitehorse Station
New Jersey 08889

6 Cooled Semen Porteguese Water Dogs.

Dr. Zacceo, Phillipsburg, New Jersey

2 litters Cooled Semen Rottweilers. 11 pups.

Orchard Park Vet Med. Center
Orchard Park, New York

Bullmastiffs Cooled Semen Litter. 5/99.

Dr. J Barber Vet Specialties at the Lake
621 N. Main
Troutman, North Carolina 28166
Golden Retriever: Frozen Semen litter of Six

Dr. Robert Hutchinson, Northview Animal Hospital
Northridgeville, Ohio

Many Litters, a recent twelve pup litter from semen I froze over ten years ago.
I have known Bob since the first meeting of AAHA's Fertility and Sterility Group in the early 80's I highly recommend him ... Carol

George Govette-CLONE
Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
610.458.5888 | fax: 610.458.1102

Many many litters world wide. (At one time, George had more frozen semen litters than all Canine banks combined. George Govette is a true pioneer... Carol)

Kit Kampschmidt, DVM, Brittmoore Animal Hospital
1236 Brittmoore Rd., Houston, Texas 77043

7 Cooled Semen Soft-Coated Wheaton Terriers.

Richard and Sharlyn Conole
Camelot Farms/Sires, College Station, Texas

Many litters (An untiring pioneer in making frozen semen possible in the Greyhound industry world wide.

Dr. Michael Freeman, Animal Fertility Clinic
Edgewood, Texas  (Dallas area)

Irish Setter pups  2006 - Frozen 10 years ago

Dr. Selma Sholes McNamara
12804 A N.E. 85th St
Kirkland, Washington 98033
8 Frozen Dachshunds
Note this litter, sired by Dual Ch. I Spy Sabotage W, UDT, from semen frozen in 1987 and surgically inseminated into his granddaughter

Dr. Gail Miller, Snohomish Vet Hospital
Snohomish, Washington
360.568.4141 | fax. 360.568.5380

11 Cooled Semen Great Dane Pups.

Dr.Angela Madden- Heinzen
Port Cities Animal Hospital
1001 South 35th St., Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Three Cooled Semen Litters: Newfoundlands.
25 pups
Dr. Rodney Kuenzi. Kuenzi Family Pet Hospital
Waukasha, Wisconsin 53186
Three Cooled Semen Litters: Rottweilers. 25 pups


Ecole Nationale, Dr. Alain Fontbonne
Veterinaire de Lyon, France
   Tel. 33478872535 | Fax. 33478876788

Sent Frozen Semen: in 12 great Pyrenees pups.

Prof. Dr. Anne-Rose Gunzel-Apel
Hannover, Germany
Tel. 0511-953-8501 od. 8526
Frozen Semen: Afghan Hounds.

Drs. Konrad and Christine Blendinger
Tierarztpraxis, Robert-Bosch-Str 12
D-65719 Hofheim-Wallau, Germany
Tel +49.6122.941744 | fax +49.6122.941745
email website

Rare breed Icelandic Sheepdog
2 successful ultrasounds from collection and processing

Clone Facilities