Are you a dog breeder, owner, handler or just interested in canine breeding techniques? Yes? Then keep reading.

Unfortunately, canine artificial insemination is rarely taught in veterinary schools or anywhere else. Imagine being able to review at your leisure and in your own home the successful secrets and techniques of one of the most successful canine reproductive laboratories in the nation. Find out for yourself how to do successful artificial insemination.

Our step-by-step Artificial Insemination in Canines Video Course was developed by Canine Cryobank, a laboratory based in California that has been breeding dogs since 1981. Our client list reads like a "Who’s Who" of the dog world.

This video has instructed veterinarians, veterinary technicians and dog breeders worldwide in proven successful techniques of semen collection, sperm counting, morphology assessment, and intervaginal insemination.*

Carol Bardwick
Founder of Canine Cryobank,
personally responsible for over 30,000 pups worldwide using
fresh, cooled, and frozen semen.

In addition to the video, you will receive a manual that clarifies the vast amount of information you will glean from the tape. Worksheets further prepare you for smoother agreements and successful AI procedures.

You will also get a glimpse into actual cases that illustrate some of the many variables that arise. But that’s not all! You will find information on progesterone testing, kits, international shipping, permits, and even a glossary of terms! You’ll even receive examples of stud contracts. Finally, the course includes five artificial insemination kits so that you are ready to practice!

*Subjects used for actual collection and insemination on this video include a Dachshund, Akita and a Great Dane.