"Successful Cool or Frozen litters begin
with proper collection and evaluation"

Whippet, Champion Starline's Reign On, owned by Lori Lawrence has produced 12 consecutive cooled semen litters all over the country without surgical inseminations!

Sadly, breeders all over the country report their veterinarian recommends SURGERY to breed a bitch with cooled or frozen semen. Every dog owner needs to be an informed consumer!

Educate yourself with the same videotape watched by veterinarians, vet technicians, reproduction technicians, and breeders worldwide.


Secrets from our Successful Artificial Insemination
detailed in the DVD Video Course:

  • Proper collection of semen is essential

  • Do you need a teaser bitch?

  • How much semen is enough?

  • How does the collection apparatus harm sperm?

  • Do I collect all three factions?

  • Is a smaller volume less effective that a larger volume?

  • Proper timing of the bitch is essential: NOT ALL PROGESTERONE TESTS ARE THE SAME!!!

  • Can a stud be judged infertile and fertile in the same day?

  • When should we consider artificial insemination instead of natural breeding?

  • Basic semen evaluation equipment demonstrated.

  • Artificial insemination on a small, a medium and large bitch demonstrated.

Latest stud contract considerations in manual:

  • If I send quality semen and the bitch misses, should I send next time free?

  • If the bitch owner wants the bitch bred and the stud will not perform, who pays for the AI?

  • If the bitch is here for days and still wants to take my dogs face off, should I do AI's?

  • My male is old and I want to only do AI; who pays?

  • The bitch in not B. Canis tested or vaginal cultural; who pays for AI?

  • Where can I get a reliable progesterone test?