UCI/Am. ARC Select Ch. Von Fursten's
Bavarian Rust, CDX


American Kennel Club Requires Certification

The Canine Cryobank, Inc. is recognized internationally for our production of artificially inseminated litters. Since we are also listed by the American Kennel Club as a collection and storage facility that complies with all their regulations regarding registration of litters, we have some news to share!

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is modifying their policy dealing with the use of semen for litters. Since 1998, the AKC requires "DNA Certification" for stud dogs who provide semen. This DNA certification program will allow the AKC to guarantee continuity through the different generations. This process will eliminate concerns or questions about identification of the animal and parentage.

To continue offering the best integrity and value to your breeding, we would like to recommend that you take advantage of this technology for the betterment of your animals and breed by obtaining DNA certification on both the bitch and the stud.

The DNA kits are available now at the Canine Cryobank. There is no charge for the kit if you pick it up. There is a nominal US$3.00 (USA only) charge if we send it to you. The forms and kits can be obtained immediately by dropping by the clinic. Once sent to the AKC and processed (US$40.00), the owner will receive an "AKC DNA Certificate" with both a DNA profile and number issued from the AKC.

Information and DNA kits are available by faxing