Partial list of Non-Surgical Inseminations out of our lab
at last count in year 2000

13 Mastiff pups
11 Mastiff pups
6 Brittany pups
8 Newfoundland pups
11 Great Pyrenees pups
5 Kerry Blue Terrier pups
6 Borzoi pups
4 Cairn Terrier pups
5 Tibetan Terrier pups
28 Rottweiler pups
Laboradors (too many to list)

Soft-Coated Wheaton Terriers
SECRETS Of Our Cooled Semen Litters
We inseminate when our lab quality PROGESTERONE TESTS (not quick in-house color range test kits) determine the time is right...even if it is Saturday, Sunday, holidays, midnight, or 6a.m. Our C.L.O.N.E. extenders are far superior.

Our semen collections are done with an in-heat bitch and have complete semen evaluations accompanying cooled process shipments resulting in GREAT SEMEN QUALITY AND QUANTITY!
Whippet Ch. Starline's Reign On, RMOX, owned by Lori Lawrence, has 11 consecutive cooled semen litters all over the country without Surgical Inseminations!

Yet, one local veterinarian told our client, he never had a successful cooled semen litter. He obviously didn't know the secrets, as we rarely miss!


Sending Semen from Your Stud
The bitch owner should contact you when the bitch first comes into heat. The bitch should have progesterone testing done and keep the stud owner and the Cryobank informed of her progress. We ship Federal Express overnight unless other arrangements are made between the bitch and stud owner, such as taking the collection to the airport for same day delivery. A teaser bitch will needed and our lab can assist with this aspect. A complete semen evaluation at time of collection assures necessary quality and quantity of sperm for successful litters.

The bitch owner usually pays for collection/processing, shipping, and the teaser bitch. The kits are provided free. A Visa/MasterCard (usually the bitch owner's) is necessary and should be in our files before collection to complete the transaction.

Receiving Semen for Your Bitch
The bitch owner arranges to have cooled semen kits sent to the stud and pays for the shipping and extender. Progesterone testing of the bitch will determine when to have the stud collected. We try to give the stud owner 48 hours if possible. Warn the stud owner that a teaser bitch will be necessary for a most successful collection. Two collections and inseminations are recommended. The owners should discuss what special arrangements need to be made if the semen is needed on a weekend, holiday, etc.

Cooled semen should be used within 24-48 hours depending on the semen quality. Importers must be able to get the semen through their country's customs quickly. Some countries require import permits and extensive testing of the donor dog before collection. Have the foreign importer provide all documentation necessary before entering into agreements for providing semen for export.

Cooled Semen Order Form

Fill out and fax the information to us.