Canine Cryobank Clients
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To the many interested dog owners worldwide who have contacted us regarding frozen semen:
Please contact stud owners for information regarding their dogs' availability for frozen or cooled semen.

Canine Cryobank clients are the creme de la creme of the dog fancy.  The best of show dogs, rare breeds, obedience dogs, sled dogs, performance dogs, movie/TV dogs, Schutzhund, gun dogs, hunting dogs, etc. are stored with us. These dogs' owners represent an invaluable database of information about their breeds and area of dog sport interest.


Rosemary Sutton, Summerwinds

Terry and Treva Haake, Bearbrand

Alaskan Malamutes
Sam Walden

American Bulldogs
Francisco Perez, SoCal Bullies

Pratt's Pits, Carlton Pratt
West Coast Gotti Line, Roger Toma
Blueline Kennels, Eddie Lomeli
Boss Up Kennels
Monster Pit Kennels, Jason Boyle

Mac10 Blue Empire, Gonzalo Gomez
Anatolian Shepherds
Marilyn Harned, Carpe Diem



Cocker Spaniels

Selma Sholes, DVM
(Litter of 8 (lost one) using 16-year-old frozen semen)
Jeanine Sudinski, Lucene

Susan Buck, Nuforest

Dachshunds, Wire-haired

Terra Dell, Teri Dugan
Pat LaCour
Angie and Vic Monteleon | 619.443.8944

English Bulldog
Ch. Sam's Zeus :: Frozen Semen for Sale

English Springer Spaniels
Lynda O' Conner, Gold Camp
Diane Zablit, Drumbeat

Flat-Coated Retrievers
Sanderling Kennels

German Shepherds
Jackie Athon-Hodsdon, von Grunenfeld
Linda Lundborg, Lundborgland
Phyllis Liedtke, Rancho Rhein
Rosemarie Davis, Noroda Ranch
Ken and Kathy Tank, Victory

Golden Retriever
Irish Setters
Loma Clark, Western Sun
Carol and Jack Horner, WindRose

Irish Wolfhounds
Cheryl Riggs, Rysheron
Dixie Hirsch, Sunstag

Labrador Retrievers
Cindy Lowans, SunRiver
Joan and Pete Peterson, RoyalDancer

Labs to Love
Cheryl Yoder, Yoder Labs

Lakeland Terriers

Linda Monroe, Monarch
Sanchez, SouthPort

Neapolitan Mastiffs and/or Japanese Tosa
Dr. Barry Reder
Claudia Nabor, DogStar Kennels

Jean Walton & Geri Griffin, Creksyde
Karen Detterich, Paladen Kennels

Pointers, Short-Haired
Jean Walton & Geri Griffin, Creksyde

Pointers, German Wirehair
Jack & Laura Myles, Inverness Kennel

Karen Detterich | 951 682 6982

Patricia Stabler, Hosanna
Julie Borst-Reed, Tiara

Ch. Kate's Tribute to Denver ::
Frozen Semen for Sale

Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Christina Aurell Wistrom
Anne Miller, Rajataru

Sharon Leroux, RouxRidge
(Litter of 10 -3 males, 7 females -
using 12-year-old frozen semen)
Sandra Fikes, Kalahari

Randye De Lorto, Von Himmel
Sandy Ghianni
Loren Chiever, Holly House
Mechelle Stall, Lucene

Sled Dogs
Charlie Champaine

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers
Ann Warren

West Highland WhiteTerriers
Tina Watson, Stage Stop Westies

L. Stewart, Endeavor
Iva Kimmelman, Merci Isle
Lori Lawrence, Starline
Proven for Frozen Semen, International and Domestic
Proven for Cooled Semen (more than 12 litters) and Frozen Semen

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