Dear Canine Cryobank Clients:
"My vet told me the progesterone test said to breed now, so I called
the stud owner back East, and she flew out here (Palm Desert) with the
stud but he will not breed her. Did we miss her!" worried the anxious
bitch owner. A progesterone test done in our lab showed the visiting
stud and owner would need to stay at least 5-6 days before the bitch is
ready to breed!!! (True story) Bitch , by the way, had a nice litter.
And even more remarkable the two owners are still good friends after the
extended "vacation" of the stud owner and dog. Fax or call us for the
information sheet on ‘Progesterone Testing for Breeders’.
In August 1998, Veterinary Technician L. Martin, Dr. M. Nample, Dr. R.
Epstein-Baake, Carol Bardwick and Sue Wells, Lab Manager harvested cells
for tissue culture to validate our kit’s instructions. One harvest was
done using lidocaine and one using an ice block as anesthetic. The black
Labrador was conscious and showed very slight discomfort. The punch
wound was closed with Nexaband, a skin glue, and healed within three
days. The whole procedure took less approximately 5 minutes and the
cells cultures are growing. The procedure is so simple, motivated
owners could do their own cell harvesting.
Fax or call for ‘Cell Harvesting Kits for Cloning" fact sheet/order
SEND US your web page address if you want to do reciprocal links on our
home page: home.pacbell.net/k9cryo. Let us know if your dogs are proven
for cooled or frozen semen.
LATEST LITTER NEWS: Lori Lawrence called to say her Bree 8 years old
Ch. Bitch whelped 8 frozen semen pups last night. Also, Sam Walden
called to say Ch. Chinome’s Artic Invader’s frozen semen produced nine
pups. I think that’s three frozen semen litters in row for Moochie,
including an Australian litter. So Moochie lives on through his
progeny…And Elois Veltman's Pug bitch whelped EIGHT pups, thanks to
progesterone timing and GREAT SPERM! Thanks to Sam and Lori and Elois
for letting us be part of such special
dogs’ lives…

Best wishes,
Carol Bardwick