Real life breeding experiences from our lab in San Diego:

Cooled Semen
Bob and Marsha Linehan's American Cocker bitch, Shawna, had three pups from cooled semen sent from Illinois. This particular cocker bitch, a Master Hunter, placed 4th in Cocker Field Trial, the first American Cocker to place since the 1960s. This placement resulted in her competing in the first national cocker Field Trial in 30 years. It is a thrill for us to witness breeders great dedication in maintaining the original hunting abilities in a breed we usually see showing with coat flowing almost to the ground!

Scheduled Tours/ Club Meetings
St. Bernard Club of San Diego will get a tour of the Cryobank before dinner June 12 Sat. at 6 p.m. Other St. Bernard news from clients: Joe Bustos had four St. Bernard pups. Cooled semen I think, but he didn't say. I am always happy to help the police whenever I can.

International Frozen Semen RECORD LITTER AND planning tips: Jean Reital just called to say her Ch. Tifarah's Hi-Flying Victory frozen sperm just produced FOURTEEN PUPS, a record for frozen semen in Australia. We'll share more details when we get them. Once again, the thrill of a litter erases the pain of the international shipping. Jan Reital had planned to take frozen semen with her to Germany but we had her check with the airline carrier and they will not take the shipping tank as luggage anymore. This is the second time, in the past few months, a client found out that airlines will not take the tank as luggage. Last time it was an Australian client. Please make arrangements in advance regarding taking frozen semen with you so you do not miss your flight. Fortunately Jan's dog Afghan Hound Hi-Flying Victory frozen sperm is wanted in Germany, a fantastic country for easy shipment of frozen semen: leaves our office on Monday and arrives in Germany Wednesday without any fuss with health certificates or import permits.

Seminar Scheduled- Hands On "The A.R.T. of Canine Reproduction " Seminar
August 7 Saturday afternoon after the Mt. Palomar Show in Vista, just down the road from us. Years ago we presented this seminar quarterly. Due to the time and effort required for a hands -on seminar, this is the only seminar we have scheduled in the near future and SPACE is LIMITED. Participants will do a Semen evaluation, semen collection, cooled semen processing,intervaginal insemination, progesterone interpretation, cytology(vaginal smears) In lab, 1-5pm. and optional dinner together as a group for further discussion. $225.00

Progesterone Story
German Shepherd breeder, Rhonda Long had failed to get one of her bitches bred successfully. The next season, she brought her in for a progesterone test thinking she was early. However, the progesterone test said BREED NOW. Nice litter resulted. She was bred too late the seasons before, so it seems. I think she had 8 pups.

City of Angels Pug Club is having a BEANIE BABY RAFFLE of a basket of a 15 beanie baby dogs, red dog on top(whatever that means!) Two of our clients have tried to educate us about beanie baby culture, tush tags,etc. so I know they and other clients will want to contact Elois Veltman at EVLT@TFB.COM for a raffle ticket. Drawing is May 27. So, forget the EBAY and try your luck for the Pug Club. Only 200 tickets available.

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