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Dear Clients,

CANINECRYOBANK.COM has been launched.
We hope to answer most of our existing and future clients' questions about Canine Cryobank procedures on these pages and offer a global networking opportunity for breeders worldwide. So if any of your potential clients, either stud owner or bitch owner have questions about breeding, we hope your "phone" time will be reduced by referring them to these pages.

The periodic e mail newsletters provide insight into "REAL LIFE; EVERYDAY EXPERIENCES " in our daily efforts to help breeders successfully use cooled, frozen, or natural breeding to accomplish their breeding goals. We will archive past newsletters on the web page so you can refer to them.

If you are a Canine Cryobank client or storee and want to have reciprocal links, email or fax us. If your stud is proven for frozen or cooled semen, we encourage you to let the world know via the web.
If the facility that handled your assisted breeding is proven, i.e produced frozen or
cooled pups or successfully collected cooled semen for your litter, please let other
breeders know by letting us put those names on our page:

Also we are always impressed by the growing number of our talented, gifted clients (NO, NOT THE DOGS, the owners!) Our client base includes authors, lecturers, dog trainers ,seminar leaders, musicians with CDs, artists, poets, etc. We will include them in our "Books, CD, Videotape, page along with a couple of words identifying them in Canine Cryobank's history. http://www.caninecryobank.com/amazon.html

Frozen semen litters-International/Movie star sperm International
More on the record 14 pup frozen semen litter of Jan Reital's Ch. Tifarah's Hi-Flying Victory in Australia. Seven-boys/seven girls during a 24 hour whelping. We are still awaiting details of the insemination method and timing. This semen has now produced litters in four foreign countries!

Movie Star Sperm
This week the Homeward Bound Star, Sure-Grip Rattler came in to have semen stored. This is the second star from that movie we have stored. The Portuguese Padango, Giggilo, was stored some time ago. I wonder with the advent of cloning if the movie dogs will be amidst the first to be "relived". Kyle Symmes owner of Rattler, has been an active promoter of the American Bulldog, which is actually the bulldog of Elizabethan times, large (about Lab size), strong, agile, a natural breeder,
a natural whelper. Picture on http://www.caninecryobank.com/amazon.html

Clone news
The media continues to have us on TV a radio programs (Channel 10 evening news most recently) regarding cloning of pets. No one ever calls us afterward so I guess we are safely estimating the needs of the market. Reports through the underground network system say blastocysts are being grown at several locations in the world. Another unsubstantiated report from the funded researchers through a hopeful dog owner projects dog clones will readily available in five years. See previous newsletters and clone page.

Cooled Semen Litters: Bullmastiffs
"Thought you might like to know that Donna Lukers' bitch from  Cayuga, Ontario, Canada whelped 8 puppies yesterday, 6 boys and 2 girls from fresh chilled."
Wild Heart Bullmastiffs
Carol's note: Not bad for semen that was collected on a Friday, lost by Fed Express for Sat. delivery, and inseminated on Monday at 60% Motility. We did send more as I remember on Monday for Tuesday insemination. Inseminating vet was in Orchard Park, New
York; a veterinarian who is not "a 'wannabe' but actually produces pups.
…More Bullmastiffs
And just today another message :"Carol we have four new babies in Kailua, Hawaii from fresh chilled semen. Their breeder Craig Garcia says they are very health and strong. Thanks for all your
Taun Brooks
Wild Heart Bullmastiffs"
Carol's note: This was a NON SURGICAL insemination… Gee, and I still get telephone calls from eastern based breeders reporting fresh artificial inseminations don't work in bullmastiffs!!!( or Great
Danes, or St. Bernards, etc. etc.)

Progesterone Stories:
The following scenario explains why a shipped brood bitch may stand, breed successfully, be shipped home, and still not have pups. ..Carol

"Hi Carol and staff,
Spice is really getting big. She stood for the stud a week before her eggs descended. Ron drove clear to Virginia to breed her so that we didn't have to fly her. If we had not used progesterone testing we would have missed her! Ron was anxious to get going since he had been away a month, but stayed until the time was right! Yes, yes yes puppies are due June 6-9. I will keep you posted on
puppies' arrival date, etc. This is her last litter. Thanks so much for your help. You guys are the greatest! So happy that we had a chance to get to know you. Spice really looks big. We'll keep you
updated on her progress. Thanks a bunch, Linda

Linda Waggoner"
Carol's note: This will make three successive litters with progesterone testing after failures without progesterone testing for owners Ron and Linda Waggoner and Spice, their champion
Whippet bitch pictured on our progesterone page.http://www.caninecryobank.com/progesterone.html

Progesterone story #2 of the week….
The lady on the phone sounded stressed as she explained that she was in San Diego from the Bay area to breed to Enzo, Rod Thompkins' famous German Shepherd Schutzhund competitor. Her Bay area vet had done a progesterone test Thursday and told her to breed in two days. The breeding never happened Saturday and the owners were certain the bitch had a circular stricture because Enzo could not penetrate. I asked what the progesterone test result was on Thursday and she said around 2ng. I replied that the bitch would be ready in six days from Thursday and to re-evaluate the stricture situation then. The lady was not at all happy with my explanation as she insisted her vet said to breed!! The lady called on Thursday to say the breeding went very easily the night before (six days after the 2ng/ml) and she now was asking about her other bitch who last season, never stood and had to be muzzled, force bred, and never conceived. What do you think the reason could be???
I hope we hear that her bitch conceived this time. Enzo's semen evaluations are usually in the two billion range, including one done just days after her bitch was bred . So Enzo did his part in the
breeding equation.

Attention Samoyed Specialty attendees at our Cryobank tour! You were surprised to find your chauffeur for the ride from the showground was recording artist, our friend San Diego Music
Award winner Lisa Sanders. Home from a tour, Lisa happily volunteered to drive the Samoyed fanciers. On Lisa's latest CD is a song "I Believe" written at the Sperm bank--no not about the sperm bank, just created here. Creative energy flourishes on many levels here, I believe.

Animal Communicator, (some call it psychic) Lydia Hiby's San Diego workshop was recently held in our new lab and she presented me with a copy of her book "Communicating with Animals". Lydia's
frozen semen pups are shown on our new web page. For the experience of a lifetime, join Lydia for one of her wild Dolphin encounters in Mexico in November.

Remember to pick up your free copy of Canine Chronicle, at our lab, courtesy of Ric and Lea Plaut, professional handlers of Alibi Acres, a boarding and show kennel in Valley Center. Many clients'
dogs are showcased in this Westminster Show issue.

Carol Scott Bardwick