Contents: Progesterone Stories of the Week/Frozen Semen/Cooled
Semen/Fresh Semen AI

Dear Canine Cryobank Clients:
Internationally known Siberian Husky breeder and judge, Miki Polemini
had a progesterone done on her pregnant bitch on day 61, knowing she had
a singleton litter and the weekend was approaching, Miki needed to plan
as best she could for a possible c-section. The progesterone was 1 ng.
at 1 p.m. and we could predict that the bitch would whelp within 24
hours. Miki called the next morning to report a wonderful bitch pup was
born during the early morning hours. Congratulations Miki and Frank!

The Waggoners report their whippet bitch, Spice, had another litter.
Spice has started her brood bitch career a little late due to improper
timing of breedings for several years...BUT we are 2 for 2 conceptions
using our progesterone testing. I doubt the Waggoners resent having to
Fed Ex me the plasma samples for testing as they hover over the whelping
box. Congratulations.

Frozen Semen
Lydia Hiby, the animal communicator, seen on TV's Leeza show, and
author of the "Conversations with Animals" held one of her rare all day
workshops at our lab last weekend. I am repeatedly awed by Lydia's
remarkable skills in animal communication and her ability to so easily
help others develop their communication skills with all animals. ANYONE
who has animals in their lives should attend one of Lydia's workshops.
If you are an "animal" professional of any modality, any small hint into
your clients' "mind" will result in more comfortable interaction.
Often times clients stand open mouthed as their animals come into our
lab and readily breed naturally after hours of nonproductive and even
hostile breeding behavior at home. Along with many years of breeding
experience, I also have had the opportunity to take Lydia's course
years ago and have sat in on days of readings with her years ago. So
now you know another of our secrets of the "Art" of successful
I digress. The reason this story is under Frozen Semen: Lydia' Hunyak,
her beloved Borzoi, had a frozen semen litter months ago. Although,
we've had other Borzoi frozen semen litters, notably the first frozen
semen ever produced in Canada was some Borzoi semen we sent to Calgary,
as a breed Borzois, in our experience, have a higher possibility of
having compromised semen counts. So, a belated congratulations to
Lydia on her frozen semen litter and congratulations on her new book
release. Her fax number for orders:8183654657.

Thanks again for letting us be part of the best dog's past, present,
future lives,