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E - Mail Newsletter 6/2000 :
Life at the Cryogenic  Reproductive  Laboratory: Frozen Semen/Cooled

Dear Clients and Friends,

We are announcing new very easy protocols for preserving cells for future clones: blood is all we need!

1.Draw blood according to our kit instructions.

2.Fill out forms.

3.Send sample to our lab in our kit.

Kits are $150.00 Processing is $150.00 and storage is $75.00 per year starting second year!

A bull calf clone, Galileo, born in Italy is very important  to all pet owners because his conception started with frozen leukocytes from fresh blood sample. Cats, dogs, horses, ferrets, llamas, any mammalian species can be stored for future clones with this cryopreservation method.  This  method, due to its remarkable simplicity of the cell harvesting and because  its early results  are so promising compel researchers to closely moniter this method. We are trying to update our webpage regarding cloning  ASAP. 

There is lots of media hype about cloning pets.

John Cargil, one of our old Akita clients, wrote an article for Dog World in the past few months about dog cloning. An Australian production company was here videotaping a segment on pet cloning for a future Animal Planet series.  This past week , I have been asked by the The Washington Post,
Associated Press, (and another NY paper.. I forgot the name) about pet
cloning.  The group in Texas did a press release about a new company of
theirs now putting up  cells just as we have since "Dolly".   They have
not had a  pregnancy go  to term but they reported a pregnancy!  Wired
magazine has a very interesting interpretation of what is going on in
Texas.  For a more scientific survey article, try Genetic Engineering
Jan.15, 2000, page 35.  Dog cloning will be a reality!!

Our Best,

Carol Scott Bardwick
Founder/President 1981 part the
best dogs' past, present, future lives
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best dogs' past, present, future lives
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