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Progesterone Story of the Week
Another SIX YEAR OLD BITCH is successfully pregnant. The Bichon is owned by Marty Astor and was bred on day 21! Marty was ecstatic and admits she was doubtful but since the bitch missed last seasons without our progesterone testing, is now 'A Believer'. Congratulations. (Now wasn't it worth all those trips up to see us, Dan?) REMEMBER, Never vaccinate an estrus bitch. Never worm an estrus bitch, Never flea dip an estrus bitch!!!!! Vaccinations and other systemic insults may interfer with ovulation. We discovered this phenomena years ago when we first started progesterone testing!!!!

I forgot to report a cooled semen litter of OES for Dee Caswell with semen sent from Wisconsin. I think it was three girls and three boys. NON SURGICAL INSEMINATIONS were done here. Another litter to dispell the "ONLY SURGICAL INSEMINATIONS WORK WITH COOL SEMEN" rumors I hear every week. Who starts those rumors?

I had a great time conducting a tour of the Cryobank laboratory for the Samoyed breeders who were holding a Specialty just up the road at Lawrence Welk Resort. We had breeders from Australia, Hawaii, and Alaska chauffered in the SPERM MOBILE for discussion and fun. I could be persuaded to do more tour/lectures...years ago we did one training seminar a month and we had great fun and hopefully raised the breeding skills and consumer awareness of the participants when using frozen/cooled/artificial inseminations.

The cells we harvested ourselves with just lidocaine or ice block grew into their fibroblast stage and were frozen successfully. I hope everyone realized the great significance of this sentence. There is no turning back now.

DNA Testing
Remember to take advantage of the free or small charge DNA testing AKC is providing at shows! The test costs $40.00 if you send it in to

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